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Title:   Kid's and their questions

A little boy was sitting with his dad in the car, parked illegally when a police officer came up and gave them a ticket. As the officer walked away, the dad said "Bastard" and his son asked, "Daddy, what does Bastard mean?". His dad said sheepishly, "'s just another name for a police officer!"
When he got home, his mother was in the kitchen, preparing some food. Suddenly, she cut her finger with a knife and shouted, "Fuck!". The boy aked, "Mummy...what does fuck mean?". His mother blushed and said,"It's just another word for cut."
Then, his older brother got back from football training and slipped up on the mat. "Shit!" he exclaimed. "What's that mean?" asked the boy. "Er.. well, it's just another name for the mat really."
The little boy wandered into the bathroom where his dad was shaving. His dad cut his chin and said, "Oh bollocks!". The boy asked,"What's bollocks Daddy?". "Well son, um... it just means face."
There was a knock at the door and the little boy ran to answer it. There was a police officer standing at the front door.
The boy said, "Hello Bastard. Come in, don't forget to wipe your feet in the shit. Da's in the bathroom, shaving his bollocks, and Mum's in the kitchen, fucking the chicken."

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