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Title:   Truck Driver VS Lawyers

A truck driver used to amuse himself by running over lawyers he would
see walking down the side of the road. Every time he would see a
lawyer walking along the road, he would swerve to hit him, and there
would be a loud "THUMP" and then he would swerve back on the road.

One day, as the truck driver was driving along he saw a priest hitch
hiking. He thought he would do a good turn and pulled the truck over.

He asked the priest, "Where are you going, Father?".

"I"m going to the church 5 miles down the road," replied the priest.

"No problem, Father! I"ll give you a lift. Climb in the truck."

The happy priest climbed into the passenger seat and the truck driver
continued down the road.

Suddenly the truck driver saw a lawyer walking down the road and
instinctively he swerved to hit him. But then he remembered there was
a priest in the truck with him, so at the last minute he swerved back
to the road, narrowly missing the lawyer. Even though he was certain
he missed the lawyer, he still heard a loud "THUD." Not understanding
where the noise came from he glanced in his mirrors and when he didn"t
see anything, he turned to the priest and said,

"I"m sorry Father. I almost hit that lawyer."

"That"s okay," replied the priest. "I got him with the door."

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