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Title:   New United Slogans

United Airlines NEW slogan campaign

You carry on, We carry off.

Normal flights have cabin crews, at United, we have bouncers.

Board as a doctor, leave as a patient.

You can run, but you canít fly.

Would you like a neck pillow, or a neck brace?

If we overbook, you'll catch a right hook.

If no volunteers ? WE Unseat.. Beat.. Repeat ....

The captain has turned on the No passenger sign.

We have First Class, Business Class and No Class.....

We can re-accommodate you the easy way....or the hard way!

If we canít seat you....we'll beat you....

United...We have an offer you can't refuse....

We have Red Eye, and black eye flights available.

Flight $ 400..window Seat $ 100...Getting dragged down the aisle......Priceless.

You are now free to get dragged around the cabin.

We put the hospitality.

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