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Title:   the squirrel prince

A young married couple are in the park on a warm summer's afternoon. They are lying in the shade of a big oak and feeding bits of bread to the squirrels. They fall asleep and when they awake there is a naked man standing in front of them. "Hello," he says. "I am a prince formerly cursed by an evil witch and turned into a squirrel. But your kindness has saved me, now the curse is broken and we all recieve one wish." The couple look at each other. Eventually the husband says: "Well I always wanted to have so much money I need never work again." The naked man smiles: "So it shall be." The wife then relies:
"I always wanted to be an a-list movie star." The naked man smiles; "There is a million dollar contract now waiting for you at home. As for my wish... I wish to have sex with you." The couple look at each other and discuss the unusual nature of such a wish. Eventually they agree its only fair and the deed is done then and there. As they relax later the naked man sits between them and watches the clouds with them. He breaks the silence with a question: "How old is your wife by the way?" The husband looks suprised:
"My wife is 32," he says. The naked man grins a nasty grin and says: "Bit too old to believe in wishes then isn't she?"

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