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Title:   fat mamma and more

yo mamma so fat...
when she went for a waterbed they put a blanket over the pacific ocean

when she gets in an elevator it has to go down

when i said i wanted pigs in a blanket she went back to bed

when she was diegnosed with a flesh eating disease the doctor gave her 5 years to live

the horse on her polo shirt is real

when she wore a t-shirt with AA on it people thought it was American Airlines biggest jet

when she got on the scale it said,"one at a time please."

when she tried to call the pizza place the phone said,"the fingers you have used to dial are too fat please smash the the key pad with your palm."

yo mamma so stupid...
she thought asphalt was a skin disease

she ordered her sushi well done

she called the 7-11 to see when they close

she got hit by a parked car

she tripped over the cordless phone

she thought Taco Bell was a mexican phone company

she thought boyz 2 men was a daycare center

yo mamma so ugly...
they filmed,"gorillas in the mist," in her shower

the government moved halloween to her birthday

people dress as her on halloween

she turned madusa into a stone

they stick her face in dough to make cookies

writen by:
Carly Brandt

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