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Importance of Search Engines

If your web site has been active over 3-4 months then you know how important the search engines are for directing new customers to your site. Just being on the search engine is NOT ENOUGH. Having your site listed on the first pages of a search result are very, VERY important.

Many web sites have spent hundrends for dollars on Keywords, search engine submissions and other "Guaranteed" position programs, with little success. the question everyone asks is; "What system do the search engines use to 'rank' the results".

Popularity of a web site

Every search engine has its own method of 'ranking' results. It appears that most popular engines are using a 'POPULARITY' method. POPULARITY is how many other web sites have a link to yours!
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This method seems to work well. Example: The owner of ABCDEF.com found a valuable or cool web site and adds a link to the site on his page. The search engines find this link and assume that the human owner of abcdef.com has found real value on the link site. This validates the new web site and it is often ranked higher in the search engine results.

Making your site popular

LINKSHARE is designed to help build the popularity of your web site.
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