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Title:   Little Johnny & the train

Little Johnny was walking along the railroad tracks when suddenly he got
his foot caught under one of the railroad ties. He tried to get it out,
but it was really stuck. As he struggled to free his foot, he heard a
noise and turned around. To his horror, he saw a train coming.

Panicked, he started to pray, "God, please get my foot out of these tracks,
and I'll stop being bad!"

Nothing happened; his foot was still stuck. He looked up to see the train
getting closer!

He prayed again, "God, please get my foot out, and I'll stop swearing and
I'll stop being bad!"

Still nothing. His foot was wedged tight. The train was just seconds away!
Little Johnny struggled frantically as the train's horn blared.

He tried his plea one more time, "God, please, if you get my foot out of
the tracks, I'll quit being bad, I'll stop swearing, AND I'll stop trying
to look up little Mary's dress."

Just as the train was about to hit Johnny, his foot broke free and he fell
backwards, the train narrowly missing him.

He got up, dusted himself off, looked toward heaven, and said, "Thanks
anyway God, I got it myself.

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