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• You are always the infected WHITE Zombie chess piece.
• When you attack a Healthy BLACK Piece, your original piece is removed from the board, but the infection turns the BLACK Piece into your new WHITE Zombie Piece.

• You now have to move the new infected piece using its normal moves.
• Leave only one piece on the board, using the least moves possible.

How to play
• Click on the piece or square you want to attack or move to.
• In Help mode, the correct squares are shown in grey color.
• You must follow the normal moves for your white piece.
• You can move to blank squares, but it waists a move.
• You can select the size of the chess board, from 3 x 3 to 8 x 8. The most popular is 4 x 4.
• You can restart the game and have all the pieces restored to the original position.
• When you finish a game, You are asked for your name. The lowest score of each game recorded and saved.

Zombie Chess was created by
William V. R. Smith ///
(c) 2009 all rights reserved.

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